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Kids Learning the Power of Permaculture

“I just read Amna’s story. It’s really beautiful. I fear sometimes when people talk about climate change with children and yet the way that you presented it in this story is really like the big bad wolf, a danger that we can overcome in a friendly way. You presented it in a way that it is easy to see how we can work together to regenerate the world. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful.”

Lusi Alderslowe – Co-Founder, Children in Permaculture
I was so impressed with this book that I was proud to get several additional copies for my friends with young children. It’s crucial for them to understand the effects of desertification and climate change and learn about actionable steps. The book features captivating images and is a breeze to read through. Its narrative is incredibly engaging and simple enough for even Generation Alpha kids to grasp and enjoy.

Klaus Mitchell – Founder, Plant Based News