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In the big city of Cairo, 11-year-old Layla finds a quiet spot on her rooftop. It’s just a small, empty space, but Layla has a big idea. With her hands and a lot of love, she turns the rooftop into a beautiful garden. It’s like a secret green world high above the busy streets.

Layla’s garden is full of bright flowers and tasty veggies. It becomes her calm, happy place where she forgets all her worries. Soon, her neighbors discover this rooftop treasure. They come to enjoy the peaceful garden, sharing smiles and stories together.

Layla’s garden isn’t just a place to grow plants. It’s a place where friendships grow and everyone finds a little peace, away from the busy world below. It’s a story about a girl, her rooftop garden, and the joy it brings to her and her friends.